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I was curious to see what would happen if I took the Church of Scientology’s ” Oxford capacity analysis test “. Trailed on the church’s website as an invitation to “discover your true potential”, the test consists of questions, veering wildly in tone from the mundane — “Do you speak slowly? All a “yes” from me, I’m afraid. After completing the test online I followed the website’s instructions and contacted the London Dianetics Centre to book my “personality test evaluation”. The date of my appointment arrived and off I went to find the centre, a rather grand building near London’s Blackfriars that could easily be mistaken for smart lawyers’ offices or a private bank. After reporting in at reception I’m met by a friendly, if rather intense, Scientology volunteer who’d be taking me through my test results. She seats me at a desk in the building’s “information centre” and places a personalised graph in front of me, with an undulating line indicating my “10 personality characteristics”. Any points lying below the line are affecting you negatively in some way.

A Closer Look at How Religious Restrictions Have Risen Around the World

In its unanimous opinion, a three-judge panel of the U. The ruling represents a second major setback in less than a month for the controversial group. The suit accused the Advanced Ability Center and others of entering into a conspiracy to disseminate certain confidential church teachings stolen in from a Scientology branch in Denmark.

The stolen materials were returned, and Danish authorities jailed the man who took them. However, the church contended in its lawsuit that copies were unlawfully sent to the splinter Scientology groups in the United States. In November, U.

the data protection penalty within 15 days of the date of delivery of this Decision. processing of the Church of Scientology in Hungary on several occasions. establish rules in this respect, and cannot interfere with the auditing and ethics.

LOS ANGELES — A former Scientologist has filed the first of what her attorneys say will be multiple lawsuits against the Church of Scientology International and its leader, alleging retaliation, child abuse, human trafficking and forced labor against her and other members who have left the church. The suit, filed Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, seeks unspecified general, special and compensatory damages, as well as unpaid wages, from the church, its Religious Technology Center and its “ecclesiastical leader,” David Miscavige, and 25 unnamed co-respondents at a jury trial.

Allegations in the lawsuit include libel, slander, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress and seek double or triple damages on claims the plaintiffs violated California labor and human trafficking laws. An attorney for the Church of Scientology said the church “will vigorously defend itself against these unfounded allegations.

The woman who filed the lawsuit, identified in court papers as “Jane Doe,” said she was raised in the church from birth and at age 15 became a personal steward to Miscavige, whose formal title is chairman of the church’s Religious Technology Center. The church identifies Miscavige as the ” ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion ,” which was started in by the science fiction writer L.

Ron Hubbard. Scientology asserts in its official statements of beliefs that man is an immortal spiritual being with unlimited capabilities, and it offers, for a price , one-on-one “auditing” and classes designed to help members achieve a “clear” spiritual state. It strongly opposes the science of psychiatry as ” disastrous.

Scientology Tenets Not Trade Secrets, U.S. Court Rules

By Dailymail. And now it has been claimed that there is a surprising reason behind Katie Holmes’s decision to keep her relationship with Jamie Foxx under wraps. According to a new report by Radar Online , the year-old’s divorce agreement states she cannot publicly date anyone until five years have passed following the end of her marriage to Tom Cruise.

Secret romance: Jamie Foxx seen left in July and Katie Holmes pictured right last month have dodged dating rumours for the past three years. A source alleged to Radar: ‘Katie signed a clause in her quickie divorce settlement that prevents her from embarrassing Tom in various ways, like talking about him or Scientology, or publicly dating another man for five years after the divorce. The insider claims that Katie agreed to keep her romantic life private in order to have the divorce go through quickly.

The beliefs and practices of Scientology include material related to sex and the rearing of in any improved condition Therefore all former rules, regulations and policies relating to the sexual activities of Scientologists are cancelled.”.

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My Scientology personality test

From its beginnings the Church of Scientology has recognized that freedom of religion is a fundamental human right. A vital component to preserving this fundamental human right is an understanding of the right to freedom of religion or belief and its meaning under universal human rights principles and international human rights law.

From persecution of religious minorities to issues revolving around religious worship, beliefs, rites, expression, association, dress, symbols, education, registration and workplace discrimination, religious freedom issues have achieved a prominent place in global headlines.

interaction, diet, and especially norms concerning sex, reproduction, and the family. To date, research on the Church of Scientology, founded by.

FLYNN vs. Where the case against one of several defendants in a civil action had been terminated by the plaintiff’s timely filing of a notice of voluntary dismissal under Mass. Where the plaintiff in a civil action had moved for voluntary dismissal under Mass. FINE, J. On April 9, , Michael J. Flynn, an attorney, brought an action against the Church of Scientology of California, Inc.

For Scientologists, Divorce Is No Simple Matter

A sassy blogger at Jezebel wrote about it life. You can imagine how our ears perked up upon reading the headline: Bizarre dating sites you didn’t know existed. Although the site is not overtly “for Scientologists,” its “spiritual” nature suggests that it could be. Use our spiritual chat or IM system to make spiritual, conscious connections with other singles in your free area or from around the world. Their mission?

The Scientologists would need to be notified of which newsgroups and their net address. Anonymous contact service Reply-To: [email protected] Date: Mon, A VT would have to be to keep in the basic rule of not e*mailing [ie TNX].

In Hubbard’s original Sites , “Sex” was the Second Dynamic, representing both the sexual act and the family unit. In Hubbard authored Pain and Sex , sex which he ascribes misbehavior to really abbreviated “psychs” , [3] in that under the “false data of the psychs. Beyond this, in this same dating, Sites states that pain and sex are both “invented tools of degradation” by “destructive creatures” with the intention “to shrink people and cut their alertness, knowingness, power dating reach”.

In Hubbard published Sex: Scientology Modern Science of Mental Health , wherein he really homosexuality as an illness or sexual perversion. According to Jeffrey S. Siker in Homosexuality and Religion , this was within the mainstream of opinion at really time. Such scientology, he argued, were “skulking coward[s] who yet contain[] enough perfidious energy to strike back, but not enough courage ever to give warning”.

Hubbard warned against sexual activity including masturbation during pregnancy, on premise that sexual really during pregnancy could damage fetal development, [7] sex by producing engrams detrimental to future activity.

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In , L. In times of stress, pain or other trauma, however, it is the reactive mind similar to the Freudian subconscious that takes over. In one-on-one meetings with a counselor, or auditor, an individual would answer a series of questions designed to purge these unconscious memories and allow the analytic mind to regain control. On February 18, , incorporation papers were filed in Los Angeles for the Church of Scientology of California , the first official Scientologist organization.

The shift from Dianetics to Scientology included a focus on humans as immortal souls thetans, in Scientology terminology that are trapped within multiple bodies through various lifetimes.

The further up the bridge he goes the more rules and input the cult Well, there are consequences to joining a Scientology dating service.

Please refresh the page and retry. Four fans, described as an attorney, a publisher, a doctor and an engineer, then formed a Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation. The first Church of Scientology was established in February , with more than a dozen new churches springing up over the next decade. Ron Hubbard, a former science fiction writer, died in T he fundamental principles are threefold:. A ccording to the church, people believe in scientology because of an “absence of answers” from science.

Y es: L. The church advises a method of detoxification involving saunas, exercise, vitamins, the drinking of oils, as well as light jogging. They have a concept of God or Supreme Being, but no set dogma. The concept of heaven or hell therefore relates to a future life, with experiences being earned by behaviour. Tentatively, and with caveats. If a person only receives and never gives, he will lose his own self-respect and become an unhappy person. S cientologists believe children are spiritual beings occupying young bodies, and should be given the same respect as adults.

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