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German. Bing and Steiff Dating and Identification

This rabbit puppet, called Jolly Hase, was made by the famed German toycompany Steiff somewhere between and Photo courtesy of Jane Alexiadis. Q This rabbit puppet used to belong to my mother. I remember we were only allowed to play with it on special occasions. A Since before the rise of the Easter Bunny, in early pagan and pre-Christian times, rabbits and hares have been associated with spring. Through centuries, cultures have adopted aspects of ancient symbols to suit their mythologies of springtime and fertility.

From changing a diaper to your daughter’s first date, How to Adult Look for the metal button that is pegged into the left ear of each Steiff bear.

When President Theodore Roosevelt spared the life of a bear cub on a hunting trip in and a political cartoonist drew the scene for a newspaper, a latent yearning was roused in many Americans for a small, cuddly creature of their own. Within weeks Teddy’s Bears, as the first copies of the lucky cub were called, were being made from sawdust-filled plush fabric with black-metal boot buttons for eyes and being sold all over America.

Soon after, a German toy maker, Margarete Steiff, began to make teddy bears, each with a button clipped to one ear. The button is still used today as identification by the same firm, which has become the world’s most famous maker of teddy bears. Steiff had been making bears at least 10 years before this: dancing bears in cinnamon and gold-coloured mohair, polar bears in white plush and little brown bears which turned somersaults when their front legs were wound up. From the beginning, Steiff bears were given swivel limbs to make them easy to cuddle, a protruding black snout and leather or felt pads on their paws.

Many had a humped back and some had stomachs fitted with a growler box. Those early bears look more like the real thing than modern bears with snub noses and stitched-on smiles. In , the Grand Duke of Russia bought a red Steiff bear for his daughter, Princess Xenia Georgievna, which she called Alfonzo and which, in , was sold at Christie’s for the then record figure of pounds 12, The buyer was Ian Prout who had left the Stock Exchange to set up as an antiques dealer and switched to bears when he found there was a growing market but no specialist shops selling them.

The shop he opened in Oxfordshire, Teddy Bears of Witney, was the first to specialise in old and new ones. Alfonzo is on permanent display there together with other rare bears including Captain Hay, an English-made specimen from the First World War which is dressed in the contemporary uniform of a captain of the Gordon Highlanders with a Hay tartan kilt and sporran. Alfonzo’s price was eclipsed in December when a Japanese museum paid a world record pounds , at Christie’s for a Steiff bear made from curly cinnamon-coloured mohair with boot button eyes and a black stitched snout.

A brown mohair bear made by Farnell in about will cost from pounds to pounds 1,, a Merrythought Cheeky Teddy with bells in its large ears, made in , from pounds to pounds and a s Chad Valley one stuffed with kapok up to pounds

How to Find out How Old an Antique Teddy Bear Is

With a pin cushion in the shape of a small stuffed elephant, she wrote the first chapter of the unprecedented success story, which is still being continued today, over years later. Thanks to the loving dedication and quality consciousness of all the employees, the story of Margarete Steiff and Steiff GmbH remain inseparable from each other. When she was 18 months old, she was ill with a high fever, following which her legs became paralyzed and it hurt her to use her right arm.

For the most up to date information on Steiff selling prices, be sure to pads and original “Teddy B” tan cotton suit with brass buttons and hat.

As a vintage doll and toy lover, you know the excitement of discovering an early Steiff button-in-ear brand Teddy bear on Ruby Lane, at auction, at a show, or even at a garage sale! These antique cubs are universally beloved for their charming, old fashioned looks and irresistible personalities. Steiff launched its debut catalog of playthings in , but it was not until c. A few months later, Steiff began experimenting with internal metal rod jointing. By , Steiff began manufacturing its jointed bears with a cardboard disc system, a process still used today.

These classic Steiff bears proved so beloved that the company would go on to produce them in 14 standard sizes ranging from 10 to cm through the first quarter of the 20th century. Although dating and authenticating Steiff bears can sometimes be more of an art than a science — given the handmade nature of the items and production variations — following these steps should help you meet that challenge head on. First, take a look at his material.

Some were produced in white mohair. Far fewer were produced in dark brown, cinnamon, or apricot colored mohair. Just a handful were made in black. Mohair, which became available on a commercial scale in , is a fabric that is made from a base of cotton material that has fine strands of wool woven through it, much like a hooked rug. Next, check out his general construction.

Steiff – Bears

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Steiff teddy bears Genuine Steiff teddy bears if ‘ HUMPED-BACK BEARS Like early Steiff bear has a button in its ear and is stuffed with a lot of kapok, dating it.

You can set your cookie preferences using the toggles below. You can update your preferences, withdraw your consent at any time, and see a detailed description of the types of cookies we and our partners use in our Cookie Policy. With the help of button, flag, article number and other distinguishing features, it is possible to determine the approximate year of manufacture of the Steiff teddies. With the button attached is the second typical feature,the so-called flag.

Remains to name the breastplate, also called neck mark. A great deal can already be determined for exact dating with each of these three Steiff marks, but the exact year of manufacture can sometimes be derived from the combination of all. A detailed description of all existing criteria would go beyond the scope of this article. For example, there are four fundamentally different types of buttons from the post-World War II period buttons with “Steiff” in print letters are used until about

Vintage Steiff

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Rare Steiff Pig on Wheels Tin FF Underscore Button On offer is this extremely rare and exceptional German Steiff felt pull along donkey toy dating.

Our ‘January 23rd Premier Auction’ will feature an impressive collection of vintage, replica, and newer Steiff stuffed animals. The image includes three individually featured bears from our upcoming Premier Auction. From left to right: Lots , , and Steiff is known as the world’s foremost luxury toy brand. The craftsmanship of their product has been considered the quality gold standard for stuffed animals since the company’s humble beginnings in Margarette Steiff, the founder, is credited with the invention of this most cherished play toy.

Afflicted with polio as a child, Margarette Steiff suffered from paralysis of her legs and the restricted use of her right arm. Despite the barriers of this disability and her femininity, she was able to become a sought-after seamstress and eventually a successful business owner. Her self-determination and entrepreneurial spirit are an inspiration to this day. The creation of her first stuffed animal was happenstance.

This elephant would be the first of many given to lady friends as pincushions and quickly adopted by their children as beloved toys. Requests for these stuffed animals from neighbors and friends were soon followed by orders from toy dealers. Thus her new found hobby evolved into a thriving business. As the company grew so did its miniature zoo.

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View Steiff Dogs on Christies. Up for sale is this vintage Steiff Foxy Fox Terrier. This model of fox terrier was produced by Steiff between and and, based on his ear button style earlier raised script , his EAN would be either ,0 or ,

Dating steiff toys. Our lena lamb is an indicator of the first steiff teddy bears. This illustrated online price guide for steiff gallery opened in steiff, bears. The button.

The Steiff bear is the quintessential toy bear collected the world over. The first Steiff bears showed up in the marketplace in and were the precursor to the beloved teddy bear we know today. Antique Steiff bears are quite collectible, so if you think you have one or are thinking of buying one, it’s a good idea to know some of the basic characteristics of authentic Steiffs before selling or buying one.

Look for the metal button that is pegged into the left ear of each Steiff bear. Steiff began inserting these buttons in 1. Over the years, the buttons have been made from a few different metals—brass, iron, nickel-plated and, for special limited edition bears, gold-plated. A nickel plated button with no raised lettering on it denotes one of the earliest Steiff bears. Look for either cloth ear tags or tags sewn into the seam in the chest area.

Over the years, the tags have been a variety of colors, such as white, red, beige and yellow. Analyze the material used for the bear’s body.

My Vintage Teddy bears

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